ADA Compliance

There is a requirement to help those living with disabilities to enjoy various conveniences. The American Disabilities Act, popularly known as the ADA requires that parking spaces be left for the handicapped.

You will be required to have such areas clearly marked out so as to make it easier for the disabled. The number of parking spaces that are reserved will depend on the number of parking spaces that you have per 1,000 sq. Ft.

When you hire us for ADA compliance in Sacramento, CA, we will give you the best services. Even if you are not sure about the ADA requirements, you have nothing to worry about as we will give you professional guidance.

The ADA clearly stipulates the requirements for the parking lot spaces for the handicapped. We provide parking and pavement marking and striping so as to clearly define the spaces for those with disabilities.

Allow us to be your partners and help you in ensuring that the needs of those who are disabled are well-catered for.

Handicap Parking Lot Marking

Disabled people need to have accessible parking spaces. However, even those who do not have disabilities prefer the best parking spots.

To avoid any confusion, it is best to have the parking lot spaces marked. The ADA has requirements in regards to the parking spaces.

Every commercial building needs to meet this requirement and we have experience in marking parking lots. For the handicapped, the parking space must be the nearest to the building entrance.

For the buildings that have multiple entrances, the parking spaces need to be distributed evenly. There should be no barrier that may cause any inconvenience to the handicapped.

ada compliance sign on parking lot in sacramento

When you contact us, we will have our team of experts come to your property to analyze your parking lot. This will inform our decision when marking and labeling the parking spaces for those who are physically challenged.

It is a strict requirement to adhere to the ADA provisions. Regularly, there are inspectors from the ADA, who will inspect commercial buildings to ascertain that their requirements are met. Failure to comply with the ADA will result in fines and penalties.

It is our duty to help you markĀ  your parking lot. We use quality paints and we will help you be in full compliance with the Act. There is the approved signage that should be used in showing the parking for handicapped people.

Every sign should be visible and this is why you will love our work. We use the best paints, which do not fade away after a while. We are ready to help you in marking your pavements and parking in the best way possible.

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